Johannes Popitz

Johannes Popitz (* 2. December 1884 in Leipzig, † 2. February 1945 in Berlin Plötzensee) was a German politician and resistance fighter against the national socialism.

The son of a pharmacist studied jurisprudence and political sciences in Lausanne, Leipzig, Berlin and resounds.

Between 1914 and 1919 Popitz was active as an adviser in the Prussian ministry of the Interior and between 1919 and 1929 in the realm Treasury, starting from 1925 as an undersecretary of state. Starting from 1922 were Popitz in addition fee professor for tax law and financial science at the university Berlin. At the 1. November 1932 became Popitz realm Minister without division and kommissarischer director/conductor of the Prussian Treasury. To 21. April 1933 took place Popitz' appointment as the Prussian Minister.

Popitz joined the NSDAP , 1937 it the golden party badge was lent. Its revolting against the Nazi regime began 1937/1938 in the years, when he saw, how the Jews were pursued and deportiert . Popitz submitted therefore 1938 a request for resignation, which was however rejected.

Thereupon that began itself to engage monarchistic and nationalconservatively coined/shaped Popitz in resistance circles, among other things in on Wednesdays company, one conservatively - oppositional group of high officials and scientists. For Carl Friedrich Goerdeler, one of the prominent conspirators against Hitler he compiled „a provisional state law “, which should step after the Putsch against Hitler into Germany into force.

In order to reach the change of power however legally and without blood pouring, Popitz stepped in the summer 1943 with Heinrich Himmler into contact, which he tried to persuade to step with the Western powers into peace negotiations. At this time however Himmler refused following this suggestion.

Popitz soon thereafter planned by the conspirators around Claus's count give by Stauffenberg as financial and Secretaries of cultural affairs, should the assassination attempt of 20. Succeed to July 1944. After the assassination attempt had failed, Popitz was arrested one day later and at the 3. October 1944 of the people's court under Roland Freisler to death condemns. The judgement became to 2. February 1945 executes.


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