Johannes Scharrer

Johannes Scharrer (* 30. May 1785 in Hersbruck (middle Franconia); † 30. March 1844 in Nuremberg) was an entrepreneur, founder of the urban savings bank as well as some educational establishments in Nuremberg.

Portrait von Johannes Scharrer
Portrait of Johannes Scharrer

Johannes Scharrer became to 30. May 1785 in Hersbruck born. This very day its birth house is to be seen there. From his youth it is as much well-known that he quick apprehension and large knowledge thirst” by “lively spirit, was noticeable. Therefore its parents a latin school let it visit, which it mastered outstanding. Unusual it was however that Johannes Scharrer did not aim at study, but to a buyer into the teachings wanted. During its teachings he learned the English, French, Spanish and Italian language and was suitable a comprehensive education on, which later offered in its commercial and public activity a solid basis to him.

After its teachings it pulled into the free realm city Nuremberg and created with its brother-in-law the hop trading firm Scharrer and Amberger, which its origin in accordance with was quite: Son of a Brauers from the hop city Hersbruck (the hop trading firm Scharrer and Amberger today still exists under the name “HOPUNION”). With its company Scharrer was very successful: Until London and Gent in Flanders the hop was sold.

1818 became Johannes Scharrer town councillor. Its office as second mayors exercised it from 1821 to 1829. From now on it concerned itself mainly with the financial and public education. It finally created the urban savings bank, the George Simon ohm professional school and 1834 the trade school, the today's Johannes Scharrer High School. In addition it created the “Bavarian Ludwig course “, the first steam railway of Germany, which drove between Nuremberg and Fürth. Its arduous and nonstop work demanded its tribute however finally: To 30. March 1844 deceased to Johannes Scharrer after an impact accumulation in the presence of its sons.

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