Johannes Semler

Johannes Semler (* 16. December 1898; † 31. January 1973) was a German politician of the CSU.

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training and occupation

a party

Semler was 1945 initial member of the CSU. It led the politico-economic committee of its party.


Semler was 1947 member of the economic council of the Bizone. It belonged to the German Bundestag since that 14. May 1950, as it for the deceased a delegate Friedrich Schönauer (SPD) was after-selected, up to the end of the first legislative period on. It represented the constituency Kulmbach in the parliament. Of 5. October 1950 up to 23. May 1951 he was a chairman of the parliamentary committee of inquiry to the capital question (mirror committee).

Semler was also member of the parliamentary meeting of the Council of Europe and the European constitution committee.

public offices

1947 Semler director of the administration for economics became in the Bizonenverwaltung. On pressure of crew powers it had to withdraw in January 1948 from this office, since it had called the American grain auxiliary supplies due to their quality lacking “chicken fodder “. Its successor became Ludwig Erhard.


Semler was with the actress Ursula Herking (geb. Small) marries. His son Christian Semler was a prominent member of the socialist German student federation, created the communist party of Germany (Maoists) and is today an editor taz.


  • Johannes Semler: Restaurant economics and restaurant economics. in: Questions of the time series of publications of the christian-social union, number 1, Munich, 1946.


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