Johannes Vöcking

Johannes Vöcking (* 16. April 1949 in Ahaus is a deputy chairman of the Barmer. He was from 1992 to 1993 undersecretary of state in the ministry of the Interior.

Dr. Johannes Vöcking spent the majority of its school time on the catholic boarding school Collegium Augustinianum Gaesdonck. After conclusion of the school it studied jurisprudence in the Universities of Bonn and Freiburg. 1972 he put the first, 1977 his second state examination down and attained a doctorate to the Dr. jur.

Johannes Vöcking is member of the CDU. it occurred 1977 the Federal Ministry for work and social order . In the year 1987 he was selected to the vice-president of the Federal Insurance Office in Berlin. Two years later, 1989, he transferred then the line of the Haushaltsreferates, later then the line staff in the Federal Ministry to Bonn.

1991 came then the large career jump. Johannes Vöcking changed as director/conductor of the department of administration and right into the Office of the Federal Chancellor. After only one year he was appointed among Federals Minister of the Interior Rudolf Seiters the undersecretary of state. But with this office also its political career ended. To 18. June 1993 it became from the office to dismiss. It added 1992 a protection of the constitution document to a lady journalist to have passed on. From this document it is to follow that it in the environment SPD at that time - gave candidate for the chancellorship Björn close cross-beam a Polish feeler gauge. The media speculated at that time whether Johannes Vöcking acted at that time out of own pieces or on instruction of a superordinate place.

Still in the same year it became after the end of its political career member of the executive committee of the BARMER private health insurance fund. After separating Alfred Sigl, the past deputy chairman of the board it advanced 2001 into this office and dresses it until today.

Since the executive committees of the health insurance companies their salaries must reveal at the beginning of 2004. In the year 2005 Johannes Vöcking 185,422, 00 earned €.

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