Johannes Zeltner

Johannes Zeltner
Johannes Zeltner

Johannes Zeltner (* 24. April 1805 in ash brook; † 1. June 1882 in Nuremberg) honour citizens in joke mountain, manufacturer and entrepreneur in Nuremberg


Johannes Zeltner was born as a son of the hop dealer and farmer Johann Zeltner in ash brook in the district Nürnberger country. After the school attendance in Hersbrück Zeltner entered 1823 into the hop business of its father. Its independent business commitment began it 1830 in Nuremberg with the opening hop and of a trade in wine. In the same year he married his first Mrs. Johanna Sybilla Amberger (*1802). On its wedding journey it visited among other things the city joke mountain and referred accomodation in the hotel „golden Weintraube “. During his stay its wife got sick and deceased to 13. September 1830 at the flowering age of 28 years. In the double coffin the corpse was transferred after Nuremberg and buried there. Zeltner was met from this stroke of fate very much and deposited with the local dia. cone Seiler a capital of 350 realm valleys, which represented at that time the value of 1000 Goldmark. From the interest annually three Konfirmandinnen from joke mountain, which were poor and worthy, should get Konfirmandenkleider. it received 1847 as thanks for its donation, the honour citizen letter of the city joke mountain. In March 1874 Zeltner came again to joke mountain and increased the capital of its donation by 900 realm valleys. Its inheritance gave further 1000 Goldmark to the donation in the city joke mountain. he married 1833 however times, this mark Johanna Maria Katharina Scharrer (1815-57).

1836 supported Zeltner its brother Johann George Zeltner (1807-86) with the establishment of the Zeltner brewery Nuremberg. In addition it acquired the Keppendörf brewery in would chimney-sweep-suppl.-eat. In the same year it began from a business interest to promote developed procedures for the production from Ultramarin to from Thomas Leykauf and Friedrich William Heyne ( 1804-85). it establishes the first Ultramarin factory in Bavaria to 1838 at today's tent first race. When the basis of the German patent right, the realm Patent Act 1877 became to issue. Opened one at the 1. July 1877 in Berlin the imperial patent office. Johannes Zeltner announced to 2. July the first patent in Germany for its “procedure for the production of red Ultramarinfarbe” on. In addition it acquired additionally 1859 the comb yarn spinning mill in Nuremberg and secured with it their continuing. he took part and took over themselves 1840 in the Hüttensteinacher iron work company in Nuremberg 1852 the hook factory Oertle & heart flax.

Despite its business commitment, Zeltner with the establishment and financial founding of an ill and a funeral cash proved 1839, its open-mindedness in relation to the social interests its to employees. It donated considerable sums for churches and social mechanisms. So for example for the lodging to the homeland into the Nadlergasse 10 which it created 1872 for poor craftsmen.

Its commitment within the political and cultural range showed up as a member in the Gemeindekollegium of 1845 - 1848. As liberal it belonged 1848/49 as substitute and a representative the Paulskirchenparlament. 1846 it became member of the Chamber of Commerce in Nuremberg, became 1836 second director the same and managed 1851 - 1855 as a first director industry and culture association Nuremberg. 1858 he became a director of the corporation the support of the GNM and since 1872 sat he in its board of directors. 1859 it joined besides the Loge „to the three arrows in the Orient “. 1845 it acquired its gentleman seat in the track hammer route 4 after a flood disaster and converted this. It in honours the lock received to the names tent-opened and is since 1881 in the possession of the city Nuremberg, which furnished therein a meeting place. Today this lock ranks among the most delightful gentleman masters of Nuremberg. 1866 became Zeltner owner of the manor Colonel installation oh with Neustadt/Aisch. As a typical entrepreneur personality 19. Century ranks Zeltner among the top representatives of the Nürnberger industry. It was honoured by a road designation in board yard.

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