John Abraham

John Abraham (* 17. December, 1973 in Mumbai) is an Indian actor and a Model.

John became in Mumbai to 17. December 1973 born. Its father is a Christian architect, who originates from Aluva , Kerala, while its nut/mother Parsi is and was a basketball teacher. The two burned Abrahams through birth due to their religious differences and the gap between parents and grandparents cemented. Abraham has a younger brother named Alan.

Abraham went as first on the Bombay Scottish School and later on the Jai Hind college, where he had the position of the Captains of the football team. After it had made a master in marketing, it worked after its Collegausbildung as a media planner, while it was at the same time Captain of Mumbais football team.

In the year 1999 it won the Gladrags Manhunt Contest and went to Singapore, in order there in the Manhunt international - competition participating, where it won the second place. It made thereupon as Model advertisement for Provogue and became India best paid Supermodel.

In the year 2003 Abraham turned its first and much controversies film Jism in Bollywood. In the year 2005 it could be made a blueprint for the Indian PETA - campaign. Gegenwärtigt is associated to Abraham with actress and Model Bipasha Basu.


  • Zindaa (2006)
  • Garam Masala (2006) SAM
  • Babul (2005) (straight filmed)
  • Water (2005)… Narayana
  • Viruddh (2005)… Amar Patwardhan
  • Kaal (2005)… Krish Thapar
  • Karam (2005)… John
  • Elaan (2005)… Abhimanyu
  • Lakeer (2004)… Saahil
  • Madhoshi (2003)… Aman
  • Dhoom (2004)… Kabir
  • Aitbaar (2004)… Aryan Trivedi
  • Paap (2003)… Shiven
  • Saaya (2004)… Dr. Akash (Akki)
  • Jism (2003)… Kabir Lal

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