John banner

John banner (* 28. January 1910in Vienna; † 28. January 1973 in Vienna) was an actor.

John banner fled after an appearance in Switzerland 1938 before the national socialists into the USA. It was not powerful the English, remained however with the looking plaything. Admits became itwith the TV-series “a cage of full heroes “(English original title: “Hogan's Heroes”), where it played the role of the sergeant Hans George Schultz. Contrary to Colonel clinch often knew Schultz, what took place in the Stalag 13, however nothing wanted to see. Its most well-known utterance reads “I seh nix and I hears nix”. Sergeant Hans George Schultz often helped the “heroes” from some delicate situation, by bearing an acting of Hogans men. In some episodes Schultz is married with a woman named Gerta, in other consequences has it only briefly persisting relations.

John banner was Jew and died at its 63. Birthday. It became on the cemetery in wall (Vienna) - group 57 row 2 number 26 - buried. Before John banner came to the looking plaything, it studied two terms jurisprudence.

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