John C. Calhoun

John Caldwell Calhoun (* 1782 in the Abbeville County, South Carolina; † 1850 in Washington D.C.) was the 7. Vice-president of the USA from 1825 to 1832 under president John Quincy Adam and Andrew Jackson and senator of many years.

John Caldwell Calhoun
JohnCaldwell Calhoun

after it to the senator had been selected, stepped the politician belonging to the democrats to 28. December 1832 in the course of the Nullifikationskrise of its office back. This was first of only two vice-president resignations; second was of Spiro the Theodore Agnew.

He attained meaning less as a vice-president than Wortführer in the senate, whereby he put politically the far way back of the nationalist and Einpeit of the war from 1812 to the Wortführer of the Southern States and their secession efforts.

In the interest of the Southern States he formulated the Nullifikationsdoktrin, which meant,that member states the right would have such Federals law, which were harmful them, to convert not. In the crisis of 1832, with which it concerned a disputed customs law, even federal troops in South Carolina were used, when it had threatened for the first time with secession. In this crisis Calhoun actedas a Wortführer of the southnational Pflanzeraristokratie and with the secession of 1861 one appointed oneself not least to him.


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