John Cabell Breckinridge

John C. Breckinridge (1821-1875)

John Cabell Breckinridge (* 21. January 1821 Lexington, Kentucky; † 17. May 1875 ebenda) was US general and statesman.

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origin and career/development

it was the son of Joseph and Mary Clay (Smith) Breckinridge and was thereby branch of a powerful family. Its grandfather was John Breckinridge, Minister of Justice under US president Thomas Jefferson. It visited first the Pisgah academy in the Woodford County, Kentucky and went to its conclusion 1839 on the Centre college into Danville, Kentucky to the college OF new jersey, the today's Princeton university. Afterwards Breckinridge studied law at the Transylvania university in Lexington, Kentucky. 1840 it became finally certified as a lawyer. First it operated its law office in Burlington, Iowa. But 1843 it returned to Kentucky and moved 1845 again to Lexington, where as lawyer and a law lecturer at the Transylvania university was active. In December 1843 he married Mary Cyrene Burch.

military career and political career

during Mexican-American war (1846 - 1848) served Breckinridge 1847 as a major of the 3rd regiment Kentucky Volunteers. As a democrat he was selected 1849 for the Fayette County in house of representatives of Kentucky. Of 1851 - 1855 it sat in the US house of representatives. After the choice of James Buchanan 1856 to the US president it became to 4. March 1857 as its vice-candidates at the age of 36 years 1 month and 11 days to the youngest US-Vizepräsidendenten in the past history of the USA. it was set up democrats to 1860 of the Southern States - as a candidate for the Präsidentenwahlen, was subject however to the candidate of the republican party , Abraham Lincoln. The parliament of Kentucky had selected it meanwhile into the US senate. From March to September 1861 it filled out the mandate there. It supported the Crittenden compromise in hope a war to avoid. It defended the slavery not, changed however because of the handicap of the operations of its state by the Federal Government the sides. It returned in September 1861 to Kentucky, in order to organize the provisional konföderierte government for this state there. To 4. December 1861 it was excluded from the US senate, because it had left Washington , DC, in order to follow the Konföderierten.

secession time

general John C. Breckinridge

November 1861 was appointed Breckinridge the general in the konföderierten army and served there under general Albert Sidney John clay/tone. It zeichnetete itself in battles of Bowling Green and Shiloh out. It was made for June 1862 with the battle from Vicksburg to the division commander, participated in the assault on Baton Rouge, Louis IANA , which failed. Under general Joseph Eggleston John clay/tone it fought with the battle of Jackson and participated under general Braxton Bragg at the end of of 1862 to the Stones River and in September 1863 in the battle of Chickamauga . In May 1864 it struck general Sigel with new Market and advanced with general Early in July on Washington , whereby it divided its defeat in September with Winchester. 1864 it became the commander in chief of the Westvirginiadistriktes. President Jefferson Davis appointed it to 6. February 1865 to the CS-Kriegsminister. It was naturally too late, in order to move something. In April it left smelling moon, Virginia with the CS-cabinet and escaped to Cuba.

post-war period

after the war traveled Breckinridge this way and that by Europe, before it returned 1868 to Lexington, Kentucky, after the US Government had given him permission for the return, and became there again lawyer. By the prohibition a public office because of its participation to the Szession was not it no more in a the position in the public life of the post-war period of its state to be participated. It became 1869 vice-president of the Elizabethtown, Lexington & bends Sandy Railroad company. Its family was split like many other families in this conflict. Tightness used fought on both sides of the war. It was one of the many persons, whose lives and loyalty were split by this civil war. To 17. He deceased to May 1875 in Lexington, Kentucky at the consequences of an operation and on the Lexington cemetery was buried there.

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