John CAN clay/tone

John CAN clay/tone (* 31. July 1718 in Stroud, Gloucestershire; † 22. March 1772 in London) was an English physicist.

CAN clay/tone became a 1738 teacher and 1742 of a Privatschule in London.

It invented among other things an electrometer and determined the quantity of the electricity collected in Leidener bottles. 1750 succeeded to it the production of artificial magnets, without having to use natural.

he knows 1762 after that water is actually compressible.

In its 1753 published work Electrical of experiment: with on attempt for their several phenomena it ( at the same time with Benjamin Franklin) reported ton account of the fact that some clouds behave negatively positively, others.

further ones of works

  • Attempt ton account for the regularly diurnal variation OF the horizontal magnetic needle etc. London (1759)


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