John Capel

John Capel (* 27. November 1978 in Brooksville, Florida) is an US-American athlete.

Capel studied Florida in Gainesville at the University OF. There it played crew of the university first in the American football -. 2000 it left the crew, in order to be able to concentrate on its career as Sprinter.

With the US-American elimination fights Capel could itself qualify for the olympic summer games in Sydney. In the olympic final it dragged however only as figure eight in the goal, after it had believed, the arbitrator a running because of a false start would then have shot itself.

Capel the largest success of its career celebrated three years after the olympic plays. With the athlete IC world championship 2003 in Paris it became over 200 meters of world champions. In limited running Capel was appropriate for hundredths at the end with the time of 20.30 seconds around a second before its compatriot Darvis Patton.

After it with the olympic plays 2004 in Athens Shawn Crawford, Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Williams and Justin Gatlin, which won the medals over 200 m, which preference/advantage had to give in this sequence in Athens, it was with the athlete IC world championship 2005 in Helsinki again at the start and won those bronze medal. Before him again two Americans lay. This time Justin Gatlin and Wallace Spearmon provided for the total triumph of the Americans over 200 M.


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