John Cleese

John Marwood Cleese (* 27. October 1939 in Weston super Mare, Somerset) is a British Komiker and actor.

Its komödiantisches talent developed as a member Cambridge Footlights revue during his time as law student at the Downing college, Cambridge.

It becameas one of the members of Monty Python as well as with the TV-series Fawlty Towers famous.

The surname originally read “Cheese”, but its father (Reginald Francis Cheese), an insurance agent, changed the names with the entrance into the army 1915 in “Cleese”.

Cleese wrote with the Familientherapeuten Robin Skynnersome books. It was ten years long married with Connie Booth, which arose also in Monthy Python's Flying Circus. Its common daughter Cynthia Cleese, played a small role in a fish named Wanda. Meanwhile it is married in third marriage and president thatHolland park damage joy Society.

Cleese, which is a avowed fan of Lemuren, uses itself today for the receipt of these rare Primaten. As thanks for this commitment 2005 a Lemurenart were designated after it (Avahi cleesei).

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  • 1988 - family its against it very much (together with Robin Skynner)
  • 1995 - would run (together with Robin Skynner)

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