John Constable

John Constable Selbstportrait

John Constable (* 11. June 1776 in East mountain-gets, Suffolk; † 31. March 1837 in London - Hampstead) was an English landscape painter. It painted among other things the pictures „the hay car “, „the cathedral of Salisbury “and „Stonehenge “.

John Constable, the son of Golding Constable, worked first in the enterprise of his father. It occurred 1799 the Royal Academy (RA) London and had there 1802 its first exhibition. He bought in the same year a studio in East mountain-gotten. 1809 it fell in love with the twelve years younger official daughter Maria Bicknell.

In the year 1815 its nut/mother Ann Constable died. One year later died then also its father, Golding Constable. To 2. October 1816 he married Maria Bicknell in the Londoner church pc. Martin in the Fields. 1817 were born her first child, a son, who later six further followed. In the year 1824 Constable received gold medal from the French king.

To 23. November 1828 died Maria at the age of 41 years at Lungentuberkulose. John Constable died unexpectedly at the night of 31. March 1837.

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