John Cooper (engineer)

John Cooper CBE (* 17. July 1923 in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey; † 24. December 2000) was a British autotechnical designer, who built also successful racing cars.

1946 it created the Cooper Car company , which developed already soon to a successful racing car producer together with its father.

Its largest influence on the formula 1 was the construction of the central engine car, with which the engine was platziert not like at that time usually before the driver, but behind it. The first victories the Cooper celebrated in the season 1958, in the years 1959 and 1960 became Jack Brabham on Cooper even world champion.

To end of the 1960er-Jahre the cars drove from John Cooper Formel-1-Rennen, to the most well-known Cooper pilots beside Jack Brabham counted Bruce McLaren and yokes Rindt. 1965 sold John Cooper the Formel-1-Team.

John Cooper built however not only formula-1-cars and worked for AUDI, was just as successful he with the construction of the mini Cooper, which into the 1960ern as Rallye - vehicle was successful and to the cult car became.

John Cooper died in the year 2000 77-jährig at cancer.


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