John Cranko

John Cyril Cranko (* 15. August 1927 in preparation castle, South Africa; † 26. June 1973 during an air passage; s. and. ) were a British dancer and Choreograf.

Cranko studied first in Capetown. it went to 1946 to London and became member of the Sadler's Wells Theatre clenches. Its productions were characterised by a clear dramatic structure. it created 1947 for the Sadler's Wells clenches an look up-exciting choreography to Debussys Children's Corner.

First large successes with this troop it had 1949 with Beauty and the Beast, 1951 with Pineapple polling and Harlequin in April. 1955 choreography ores it for those Paris opera La bark Hélène. Its first evening-filling English ballet performance had it 1957 with the Pagodenprinz. 1961 were appointed Cranko by walter Erich shepherd as the director of the Stuttgart Balletts. He collected a group of dancers around itself, and. A. Marcia Haydée, Egon Madsen, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Cragun, Birgit wedge and Susanne Hanke, and created a erzählerisches ballet with this ensemble.

Some its choreographies in Stuttgart 1962 Romeo and Julia were after William Shakespeare, 1965 Onegin after Alexander Puschkin. 1969 followed the Widerspenstigen Zähmung after Shakespeare, 1970 Brouillards and finally 1973 traces. Crankos choreographies contributed considerably to the “German ballet miracle so mentioned”, which 1969 with an appearance at the metropolitan began Opera in New York. Stories nuanciert to tell, its clear dramatic structures and the extraordinary way, how it controlled the art of the Pas de deux, conquered the public in New York. 1971 it created a ballet boarding school, which carries today its name in Stuttgart (John Cranko school).

John Cranko died to 26. June 1973 after a allergischen shock during an air passage from a successful USA tour to Germany. Its grave lies on the small cemetery with the lock Solitude (Stuttgart).

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