John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller about 1875

John Davison Rockefeller (* 8. July 1839 in smelling Ford, New York; † 23. May 1937 in Ormond Beach, Florida) was US - an American entrepreneur.

Rockefeller was joint founder of an oil refinery, from which 1870 the standard oil company OF Ohio came out. One its business partner was thereby Henry M. Flagler.


got lives as sixteen-year-old one to 28.09.1855, a place as an apprentice at the forwarding business company Hewitt&Tuttle, already soon it as auxiliary accountant was employed. After fourteen weeks work he received for it very narrow content of fifty dollar. When Rockefeller became years old eighteen, the accountant von Hewitt&Tuttle, who earned two thousand dollar in the year, became dismisses and Rockefeller took over this place. To 01. April 1858 took an offer of the young Englishman Maurice B. to Rockefeller. Clark on and became now with Clark and George W. Gardner partner brokers and agency business. In the same year the large oil business in the United States and Rockefeller began became going there actively. He found a good technician , who improved the subsequent treatment of the crude oil for Rockefeller in such a manner in Samuel Andrew that it was nearly completely used. It made in its new enterprise its own barrels and was its own carrier and wagoner and thus was superior it to most of its competitors. In the first years of its oil business he married Laura Celestia Spelman, the daughter of an even quite wealthy buyer from Cleveland. When she deceased to fifty years later, the Rockefeller carried forward much. He said: “Your judgement was better and better as mine. She was an unusually intelligent woman. Without its astute advice I would be today a poor man. “Within the first three years, in which he had led the oil business, he worked further at Clark, which he disbursed later. He took over thus the company and made Andrew the partner. In this time Rockefeller became acquainted with also Henry Morrison Flagler , which should become its best friend and faithful companion. Rockefeller got Flagler as a partner in its business and the company was called starting from 1867 Rockefeller, Andrew & Flagler. To 10. January 1870 developed the standard oil Cie., with John Davison Rockefeller, its brother William Rockefeller, Henry Morrison Flagler, Samuel Andrew and Stephen V. Harkness as establishment shareholders.

Rockefeller introduced the transport of oil in pipelines for the first time as business innovation , which replaced fast transport by course and made larger deliveries possible. It possessed iron mines at the upper lake and large ore cargo boats, sold this later however at U.S. Steel. He withdrew himself 1895 from the active business life, kept however his title as a president of his enterprises until 1911.

President Theodore Roosevelt smashed 1911 the standard oil to thirty-four private firms, whereupon Shareholder VALUE sank in soil lots. Rockefeller recognized however already before the fact that this would recover again and bought up the shares of its enterprise. He earned at the boom using now, according to careful estimations two hundred million dollar. The invention of the automobile and the world war let the need of oil in dimensions, which were before not at all conceivable rise.

It applied by its enterprises as the richest man its time and achieved monopoly-like powerful positions. Its fortune at that time amounted to approximately 900 million dollar (1913), which corresponded to 2001 for instance a value of 200 billion dollar. Thus John was D. Rockefeller of one of the richest men, who ever lived. The violent and continuous criticism at its Geschäftsgebahren led however also to the fact that it from its fortune numerous charitable projects - not least on operation of his son John D. Rockefeller II. - financed. An US-American citizen was condemned its time judicially because of offense, because he had accused to his neighbour that he in his business with the methods of the standard oils Cie. work.

Rockefeller created 1890 the University OF Chicago, 1901 the Rockefeller of institutes for Medical Research and 1913 the Rockefeller Foundation. Rockefeller called itself in the public as Baptist and made among other things the building possible of the Hamburg Predigerseminars of the German Baptisten.

To the skirt skin down taking belonged and belong partly still the Exxon as well as Chase Manhattan Bank. One its grandchild, Nelson A. Rockefeller, was under Gerald Ford US vice-president. The initiative and idea for the building of the former world trade center complex World trade center in New York likewise its grandchild decreased/went back on one.

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