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John Ehrlichman 1969

John Ehrlichman (* 20. March 1925; † 14. February 1999) was Nixons chief advisor for internal affairs and belonged to the internal circle of the American president. It was one of the key figures in the Watergate scandal.


in 2. World war was distinguished John Ehrlichman with the The Distinguished Flying CROSS. It graduated in law 1948 at the Stanford law school and was of 1951 - 1968 partners in a law office. Since 1960 he in Nixons election campaign committee worked. After Nixons choice victory 1968 pushed Ehrlichman in Nixons internal circle. Together with (chief of staff) H. Robert Haldeman - whom it could do still of collage - they became both late in the white house than „the citizens of Berlin wall “around Richard Nixon admit (because of their German descent and the screen of the president by these two coworkers). Outside of the white house were rather isolated Ehrlichman and Haldeman.

Both Haldeman and Ehrlichman invented „the plumbers “for sealing leakages (to the press). Since the publication of the secret Pentagonpapiere (over the Viet Nam war) by Daniel Ellsberg 1971 this illegal group was brought into being. The first activity „of the plumbers “was also the break-down into the practice of Ellsbergs psychiatrist, in order to damage Ellsberg. With the break-down one found however only the name Ellsberg in a note book, so that the break-down did not bring anything.

The role of Ehrlichmans during its time in the white house was essentially limited to the search and elimination of Nixons enemies.

These confidential discussions in the white house were noted Ehrlichman however by a tape system of the white house and occupied and (Haldeman) as one of the key figures of the Watergate - scandal.

One of the noted discussions between Nixon and Ehrlichman of the 1. November 1972 occupy for example the facts of the conspiracy. Both discuss thereby measures against the Washington post office (those uncovered the scandal):

NIXON: And now they're finished.
EHRLICH-MAN: Believe ME, I would very disappointed ton lake US now forgive and forget.
NIXON: There ain't going tons NO forgetting, and there'll Goddamn little forgiving, except they're going tons know (unintelligible). They're off the guest cunning, they don't come ton the Christmas.
EHRLICH-MAN: That ton my way OF thinking would emergency nearly as important as coming down the pike--there wants our Main chance. There wants A license application--
NIXON: Oh, I know. I know that, sure.
EHRLICH-MAN: But I would love ton lake you fire the more silver bullets.
EHRLICH-MAN: Wave, your day wants come.
NIXON: But John, how DO you fire A more silver bullet RK the post office without them saying you're taking the FCC and trying tons of GET after somebody?
EHRLICH-MAN: I think you could GET away with it (Abuse OF power, The new Nixon Tapes, pp. 174-175).

With a very emotional meeting in Camp David to 30. April 1973 between Nixon, Haldeman and Ehrlichman persuaded Nixon its both advisors in very personal single discussions to the resignation because of Watergate.

Ehrlichman had regarding its role in the Watergate scandal never a injustice consciousness (which was to be already observed with its hearing before the committee of inquiry) and pleaded during its process accordingly for „not guiltily. “ 1975 he was condemned because of conspiracy, handicap of the law and perjury to 18 months prison.

After its dismissal from the prison it took numerous jobs such as commentator, writer, etc. on. When Ehrlichman 1981 one interviewt, it called Nixon one „very pitiful personality in American history. “1982 appeared its book „Witness ton of power. “Ehrlichman - that now completely disillusioned actual lets Nixon in its book in a special negative light appear.

Ehrlichman died by a diabetes complication in Atlanta 1999 after a dialysis treatment. Up to his death it believed Ehrlichman that Henry Kissinger Deep Throat would be (and not Marks of Felt).

In the film Nixon (film) became Ehrlichman by J. T. Walsh represented.


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