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John Ford's POINT in the Monument Valley

John Ford (alias by John Martin Feeney) (* 1. February 1894 in Cape Elizabeth, Maine the USA; † 31. August 1973 in Palm the ore, California, the USA) was an US-American film director of Irish descent.

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John Ford became with names John Martin Feeney as a sonan Irish immigrant family in Maine born. It accepted later the name Ford, because its older brother Francis could already celebrate under this alias successes in Hollywood.

Although in principle ore-conservatively, patriotically and catholic adjusted, retained it itself one politically relativeto receive unvoreingenomme stoppage, which made it for it possible, the high level of its films.

Its public work began it 1917 for the Filmstudio Bison 101 with the Western The Tornadoes.

1956 it wanted the grey star to be removed to be able. After thatOperation was too impatient it and removed the federations too early from its eyes. The consequence was complete going blind of its left eye. Since then it carried its famous eye flap.

Since 1964 it was cancer ill and finally died on 1973the consequences.

Ford won more direction Oscars than every other director.


John Ford won altogether four Oscars as „a best director “. 1936 for the traitors, 1941 for fruits of the anger, 1942 for striking weather and 1953for the winners. In addition two prices came for the best documentary film, which it turned during the Second World War: The Battle OF Midway (1942) and the 7. December (1943).

Ford is considered as one of the most important directors of the Western - category. With Ringo announced he in the year 1939 both John Wayne to the star and the Monument Valley as window blind. The valley with its rock towers served also in law of the jungle the prairie, up to the last man, the devil captain and thatBlack falcon as scene.

In up to the last man an Indian was allowed to defend itself for the first time verbal, before was her only Statisten and „to the firing approved “in film history. Of Ford films remained relatively unpolitically, romantic and on despite its conservative opinionsthe legend of the wild west orients. Quotation from the man, who shot Liberty Valance: „We cannot be destroyed our legends. “

Its filming of John Steinbecks socialcritical classical author of fruits of the anger is one the first Road Movies. Itturned besides documentations on theaters of war.

Filmografie (excerpt)

John Ford has in approx. 50 years public work of 124 films turned. Many of its silent movies are considered as verschollen.

Putting one:

1 year of the first public performance
2 participation of Ford: P roduktion, Regie, B uch, D acre plate

until 1945

Year 1 Beteilg.2 German title (original title) - if necessary. Actor
1924 P the iron horse (The Iron Horse)
1926 P/R three honest bandits (3 bath Men)
1928 P Hangman's House
1928 P/R Four Sons
1930 P/R/B U 13 (Men Without Women)
1930 R UP the River
1931 R Arrowsmith
1932 R ring freely for the love (Flesh)
1933 R Doctor bulletin
1934 P/R the missed patrol (The draws Patrol) - with Victor McLaglen, Boris Karl off
1934 R Judge praised
1935 P/R local call (The Whole Town's Talking) - with Edward G. Robinson, Jean Arthur
1935 P/R of the traitors (The Informer) - with Victor McLaglen
1935 R Steamboat Roundthe Bend
1936 R the prisoner of the shark fish island (The Prisoner OF Shark Iceland) - with Katharine Hepburn, Frederic March
1936 R Maria von Schottland (Mary OF Scotland)
1936 R The Plough and the of star - with Barbara Stanwyck
1937 R recruit Willie Winkie (Wee Willie Winkie) - with Shirley Temple
1937 R … then the gale ( Hurricane) came
1938 R four men - an oath (Four Men and A Prayer) - with Loretta Young, George of Sanders
1939 R Ringo (Stagecoach) - with John Wayne
1939 R the young Mr. Lincoln (Young Mr. Lincoln) - with Henry Fonda
1939 R drums to Mohawk (Drums Along the Mohawk) - with Claudette Colbert, Henry Fonda
1940 R of fruits of the anger (The Grapes OF Wrath) - with Henry Fonda
1940 P/R the long way after Cardiff (The Long Voyage Home) - with John Wayne
1941 R tobacco route (Tobacco Road) - with genes Tierney
1941 R striking weather (How Green which MyValley) - with walter Pidgeon, Maureen O'Hara
1942 P/R/B battle around Midway (The Battle OF Midway)
1943 P/R of the 7. December (December 7th) - with walter Huston, George O'Brien
1945 P/R of speedboats before Bataan (They Were Expandable) - John Wayne, Donna Reed

starting from 1946

Year 1 Beteilg.2 German title (original title) - if necessary. Actor
1946 R law of the jungle of the prairie (My Darling Clementine) - with Henry Fonda, Linda Darnell
1947 P/R instruction of the conscience (The Fugitive) - with Henry Fonda, Pedro Armendáriz
1947 R up to the last man (away Apache) - with John Wayne, Henry Fonda
1948 P/R traces in the sand (3 Godfathers) - with John Wayne, Pedro Armendáriz
1949 R The devil captain (She Wore A Yellow Ribbon) - with John Wayne
1950 R When Willie Comes Mark-hung Home
1950 R west pc. Louis (Wagon master) - with Ben Johnson
1950 P/R Rio Grande (Rio Grande) - with John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara
1952 P/R of the winners (The Quiet one) - with John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara
1952 R What Price Glory - with James Cagney
1953 P/R whom the sun laughs (The Sun Shines Bright)
1953 R Mogambo (Mogambo) - with Clark Gable, Ava Gardner
1955 R with body and soul (The Long Gray LINE) - with Tyrone power, Maureen O'Hara
1955 R no time for heroism (Mister Robert) - with Henry Ford, James Cagney
1956 R the black falcon (The Searchers) - with John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter
1957 R equal the eagle (The Wings OF Eagle) - with John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara
1957 R The Rising OF the Moon - also Tyrone power
1958 R Gideon's Day - with Jack Hawkins, Cyril Cusack
1958 P/R the last Hurra (The load Hurrah) - with Spencer Tracy, Jeffrey Hunter
1959 R the last instruction (The Horse Soldiers) - with John Wayne, William Holden
1960 R the black Sergeant (Sergeant Rutledge) - with Jeffrey Hunter
1961 P/R two rode together (Two Rode Together) - with James Stewart, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Widmark
1962 R the man, who shot Liberty Valance (The one WhoSHOT Liberty Valance) - with John Wayne, James Stewart, Lee Marvin, Edmond O'Brien
1962 R that was the savage the west (How The west which Won) - with James Stewart, Carroll Baker
1963 P/R the port tavern ofTahiti (Donovan's Reef) - with John Wayne, Lee Marvin
1964 R Cheyenne (Cheyenne Autumn) - with smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Widmark, Carroll Baker
1965 R Cassidy, the rebel (Young Cassidy) - with Rod Taylor
1966 R filters Mrs. (7 Women) - with Anne Bancroft

(source: IMDb)


Academy Awards

  • 1936 - OSCAR for the best director of the traitors
  • 1941 - OSCAR for the best director of fruits of the anger
  • 1942 - OSCAR for the best directorof striking weather
  • 1953 - OSCAR for the best director of the winners

American film of institutes

  • 1973 - price for the life's work

Argentinean film Critics Association Award

  • 1943 - silver CONDOR for the best (foreign) film (striking weather)

Blue Ribbon Awards

Directors Guild OF America

  • 1953 - DGA Award for outstanding public work (film) (the winner)
  • 1954 - price for the life's work

Golden Globes

  • 1955 - Special „Pioneer “Award

Italian national Syndicate OF film Journalism

  • 1948 - Silver Ribbon for the best (foreign) film (law of the jungle of the prairie)

Locarno internationally film festival

  • 1948 - Prize for the best director of toto the last man
  • 1950 - Grand Prix for When Willie Comes Mark-hung Home

national board OF Review

  • 1958 - NBR Award for the best director of the last Hurra

New York film Critics Circle Award

  • 1936 - NYFCC Award forthe best director of the traitors
  • 1939 - NYFCC Award for the best director of Ringo
  • 1940 - NYFCC Award for the best director of fruits of the anger
  • 1941 - NYFCC Award for the best director of striking weather

VeniceFilm festival

  • 1934 - Special Recommendation for The World move on
  • 1936 - Special Recommendation for Maria von Schottland
  • 1952 - internationally Award for the winners
  • 1952 - OCIC Award for the winners
  • 1971 - Career golden Lion

Western HeritageAwards

together with Willis Goldbeck (producer); James Warner Bellah (book); Lee Marvin, Edmond O'Brien, James Stewart, Vera Miles, John Wayne (Actors)

  • 1964 - bronze Wrangler for a theatrical film (that was the savage the west),

together with Henry Hathaway, George marshal (directors); James R. Webb (book)

  • 1965 - bronze Wrangler for a theatrical film (Cheyenne),

together with Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Smith (producer); James R. Webb (book)

mill OF Fame

  • star on the mill OF Fame: 1642 Vine Street

literature (selection)

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