John fermenting clay/tone

John Grey fermenting clay/tone (* 9. September 1911 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia19. May 2002 in Sydney) was a politician and of 10. January 1968 up to 10. March of 1971 prime ministers of Australia.

Fermenting clay/tone was the second child of John rose fermenting clay/tone and Alice sense. Its father was an immigrant, who had come from England over South Africa, where he had acquired a small fortune as a businessman. Its nut/mother died, when it was seven years old. It received its training to the Headford Preparatory School OF Sydney Church OF England Grammar School then to the Geelong Grammar School. It completed its study at the University of Oxford in Great Britain. To conclusion of its study it returned to Australia and became manager on its father fruit plan days close Kerang, Victoria.

To 8. November 1940, the 2. World war became apparent also in the asiatic-Australian area, announced themselves it to the RAAF (Royal Australian air Force), where he was trained as the flighter pilot. Its places of work were Singapore, Darwin and the Milne Bay in Papua. With an aircraft crash heavily wounded, he came into a rehablitation camp and became to 5. December 1944 in the rank of a second lieutenant of the Air Force from the RAAF dismisses.

After its return it took its former activity as a manager and became active in the municipal administration as a member of the town councillor von Kerang from 1946 to 1952. It followed the Country party (a land party), later that liberally party (liberal a party). In December 1949 he became candidate with the senatorial elections, which he won. It kept this seat also in the following 4 senatorial elections. To 10. December 1958 it was appointed as the naval Minister under Robert Gordon Menzies, which it remained until December 1963. Subsequently, he became employment minister until 1967 and until February of 1968 Ministers for education and research. Of 16. October 1967 to 1. February 1968 he was also leader of the government in the senate.

After puzzling disappearing of the Premiermninisters Harold became short term Sir John McEwen gets Prime Minister. By developed confusions fermenting clay/tone saw its time right and by skillful courses reached it its candidacy to the leader of the party on which it to 10. January 1968 also prime minister became. To 10. March 1971 it withdrew on urge of its own party from its post and is to have been correct, so the Australian historiography, with its tuning against itself. William McMahon won the following tuning and became a new prime minister. Fermenting clay/tone took over afterwards the office of the Verteidugungsministers up to 13. August 1971.

John Grey fermenting clay/tone was an only senator, who became ever a prime minister. Traditionally these come from the house of representatives, comparably the German Bundestag.

Fermenting clay/tone has three children from its first marriage with Bettina Brown. 10 years after whose death he married a second time.


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