John Harsanyi

John Charles Harsanyi (actually János Harsányi; * 29. May 1920 in Budapest; † 9. August 2000 in Berkeley/California) was Hungarian - an American economist.

It studied first philosophy, sociology and psychology in Budapest. During the Second World War German troops undertook the attempt to kidnap it in a KZ Harsányi could however flee.

It left Hungary 1950, because he was a convinced anti-Marxist. First it emigrierte to Australia and went 1961 into the USA. It studied economic science in Sydney and in Stanford.

Between 1964 and 1990 he taught to the UCLA. he got 1994 together with John F. Nash and pure hard rare the Wirtschaftsnobelpreis for its earnings/services in things of the not-cooperative game theory.

After the turn 1990 it visited several times its homeland Hungary.

John C. Harsanyi died at the age of 80 years in Berkeley.

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