John hard Ford

John hard Ford (actually John Cowan Harford, * 30. December 1937, New York; † 4. June 2001) - the t in the name became 1966 by Chet Atkins as a vice-boss of the RCA - label inserted - were an US-American Country singer and Songwriter.

Early played in pc. Of Louis grown up banjo in local Bluegrassgruppen, among other things with Doug and Rodney Dillard (The Dillards), with which it took up later two albums “Dillard Hartford Dillard” (1977, 1980) and some its pieces to their repertoire took over.

After school and military time he worked as Radiodiskjockey and began 1965 to write own titles. Shortly thereafter it moved to Nashville , moderated a night transmission and tried during the day to bring its pieces to the man.

With “John hard Ford looks RK live one” it had January 1967 its debut album, which already in July “Earthwords and music” followed. With the title inferred from it “Gentle on My Mind”, which became a #60 of the Billboard Country Charts, had granted it a fast commercial success. The Cover version of Glen Campbell became not only hit single, but afterwards piece of title of a likewise very successful LP and brought in for hard Fords two Grammies .

By its work as Studiomusiker in Nashville and with the Byrds for the “Sweetheart OF the Rodeo” - album became it early part of the “progressive” Country - and Bluegrass - movement, which began, to enrich the traditional form with electrical instruments.

The incomes from “Gentle on My Mind” made it possible to it 1972 to take a time-out and its youth dream fulfill themselves, an attendant on a Mississippi wheel steamer become. it got 1976 back in the music business with its album “Mark of Twang” the third Grammy.

Over a quarter century he worked for the receipt of traditional music and had briefly before his early cancer death with the sound TRACK to “O, bread ago Where kind Thou…” a further large success in its work original to receive traditional music against the American Mainstream of the turn of the century.


in the time between 1967 and 1987 developed for 22 LPs, (see.

as well as further 16 CDs during lifetimes see.


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