John Herschel

John Herschel

John Frederick William Herschel (* 7. March 1792 in Slough with Windsor; † 11. May 1871 in Hawkhurst, Kent) was a British astronomer.


John Herschel was the sonby William Herschel and became first lawyer. Later it turned like its father to the astronomy and took over themselves its observatory.

He discovered that the Magellanic Clouds consist of stars, published different star catalogs and led the Julian dateinto the astronomy. It was ennobled 1831, 1848 president of the Royal Astronomical Society and 1850 royal Münzmeister.

Its versatility proves also the application of the luminous sensivity of certain iron salts to at that time new photographic procedures. It improved the Cyanotypie. 1842discovered he the photo-graphic process for exposing paper pictures on the basis of colloidalem gold which it Chrysotypie called.

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