John Horton Conway

John Horton Conway (* 26. December 1937 in Liverpool) is an English mathematician, that the mathematical column of the magazine Scientific American (dt. Spektrum der Wissenschaft) cared for. It created numerous mathematical plays, under it the famous Game OF would run and the play Sprouts. It invented - some said, it discovered - the surrealen numbers.

John H. Conway is admits for its work to the combinatorial game theory, to which he among other things the books “concerning numbersand plays " (“ZuS”, original: “on Numbers and Games”) and “profits: Strategies for mathematical plays " (“Winning Ways For Your Mathematical Plays”, together with Elwyn R. Berlekamp and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations K. Guy published). It has also the Doomsday method for simple computationthe weekday invented.

Conway is considered also as a creator of the Conway consequence designated after it.

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