John Hutchinson

John Hutchinson (* 7. April 1884 in Northumberland; † 2. September 1972) was a British Botaniker.

Hutchinson was the son of a gardner and stepped into the Fussstapfen of its father. 1904 it began a place as a gardner in the famous Londoner Kew Gardens , where it became acquainted with and in the consequence in the Herbarium work could its director Joseph Dalton Hooker.

1926 it publishes first, and 1934 the second part of its work “The Families OF flow ring Plants”; in first it treated thereby the Zweikeimblättrigen and in second the Einkeimblättrigen. Its taxonomy on the basis of phylogenetischen criteria ranks thereby among the earliest its kind. Today the work is considered however as taxonomisch large outdated.

Approximately at the same time, from 1927 to 1936, he worked together with John McEwan Dalziel on “Flora OF west Tropical Africa”, a work with detailed descriptions and numerous illustrations, comprehensive over 6000 kinds.

From 1936 on up to its retirement 1948 it was Keeper of the museum of the Kew Gardens. 1959 it published a revised edition of its “Families”, in which it made a fundamental taxonomische separation between krautigen and felling trees plants. This beginning - which it continued in its starting from 1964 appearing three-restrained “The Genera OF flow ring Plants” - led to large refusal of its late work by the professional world.


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