John Jervis, Earl OF pc. Vincent

Sir John Jervis KB, Earl OF pc. Vincent (1797), 1. Viscount pc. Vincent (1801), (* 20. January 1735 in Meaford, Staffordshire; † 15. March 1823) was a British admiral.


Sir John Jervis, Earl OF pc. Vincent, K.B.

John Jervis stepped already as a boy into the navy (1749), participated in the enterprise on Quebec 1759 as COMM other and became 1760 captain. As a commander of the ship Foudroyant of 80 cannons it acquired itself in the American war of independence large fame, in particular to 27. June 1778 in the battle before Ouessant.

To the peace of 1783 he came into the English House of Commons, where he followed the opposition. 1787 he became countering admiral, 1793 Vice Admiral and commander in chief in west India, where he conquered 1794 the French colonies Martinique and Guadeloupe. 1795 he became admiral and commander in chief of the Mediterranean fleet.

In the sea-battle with cape pc. Vincent struck Jervis to 14. February 1797 at the point of 15 liners and 4 frigates the 27 liners and 10 frigates strong Spanish fleet and became for this the Earl OF pc. Vincent and baron Jervis OF Meaford raised.

In the Ministry Addington he was from 1801 to 1804 first lord of the admiralty (naval Minister). From 1806 to 1807 he was commander in chief of the channel fleet, afterwards he acknowledged his active service and spoke only until 1810 in the upper house over affairs of the navy.

He withdrew himself due to bad state of health and the death of his Mrs. Martha Parker 1816 more and more from the public life. In the course of the coronation/culmination of George IV. 1821 he still the owner of the highest was appointed in the Royal Navy, the admiral OF the fleet. It died to 14. March 1823 in Rochetts. Since it was childless, it his nephew Edward Jervis Ricketts beerbte only as Viscount pc. Vincent.

“I legend now not, my gentlemen that the Frenchmen will not come. I legend only that they will not come over the sea. “In such a way it as roofridge lord OF addressed the Admiralty the House OF lord in the year 1801.


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