John Knowles Paine

of these articles describes a living and a working of the organists and composer John Knowles Paine; for other meanings see Paine (term clarifying).

John Knowles Paine (* 9. January 1839 in haven country, Maine, † 25. April 1906 in Cambridge, Massachusetts) was an US-American organist and composer.

Paine went 1858 to Berlin, where he studied William Teschner singing with Gustav and with Carl August head organ play , counterpoint and composition. 1861 it returned to the USA and became organist of the west Church of bad clay/tone. to 1862 it received the first chair of the USA for music to the Harvard University, where it informed until 1905.

Paine composed an opera (Azara), several symphonies, Bühnenmusiken, hymns, Kantaten, chamber-musical works, piano and pieces of organ as well as vowel music.


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