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John putting (* 28. December 1978 in Springfield, Ohio as John Stephens) is an US-American R&B musician and Songwriter.

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grown up in a very musical family it visits already very early the Gospelchor of the local municipality. By its musical talent he gets a scholarship and thus the possibility at the university of Pennsylvania English to study. Here he becomes also a director of choir of the Bethel A.M.E. Church, whereby he to it-earns himself money.

Here it attaches first contacts to local musicians like e.g. Jaheim or Musiq. The probably most meaning Bekannschaft was probably with Kanye the west, a rising producer for artists such as Jay z or Alicia Keys worked and RWSby became later more famous also. They deepen its co-operation and John Legends first appearance in a song are with Alicia Keys' You don't know my name, with putting the Chorus sing. Into songs Encore and Lucifer produced by Kanye west for Jay z is brought in of putting piano-SAM-polarizes to hear. Without a label it produces its first album which exclusively in the USA well sold itself.

Kanye west, now its own label G.O.O.D. Music gegründe has, takes it under contract. 2005 publish putting its debut album GET Lifted.




  • 2004: Solo session, volume. 1: Live RK the Knitting Factory
  • 2005: Web on the left of
- putting official

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