John Lyng

John Lyng (* 22. August 1905, † 18. January 1978) was a Norwegian conservative politician. He was an Prime Minister of Norway in the year 1963. ¨

Lyng was lawyer and worked during the Second World War for the Norwegian government-in-exile in London.

In August 1963 Lyng became an Prime Minister, after the left-socialist party of Norway had extracted its support from the social-democratic government Einar Gerhardsens. Lyng could educate a civil coalition government. You were missing however with the socialist majority in the parliament any basis for their politics; the end of this first civil government of the post-war period took place therefore already after four weeks.

1965 became Lyng in the civil government by Bortens minister of foreign affairs, an office, which he held until 1970.


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