John N. Mitchell

John Newton Mitchell (* 15. September 1913 in Detroit, Michigan; † 9. November 1988 in New York town center) was only US Minister of Justice, who as can be prove involved into illegal activities and therefore one condemned and one locked up.


John N. Mitchell was born in Detroit and buildup in Long Iceland, New York . It made its law conclusion to the Fordham University 1938. Up to its three-year army time it practiced from 1938 to 1960 as a lawyer in New York.

Richard Nixon became acquainted with Mitchell 1967 . Mitchell worked in the Gemeinschaftskanzlei Nixon, Mudge, rose, Guthrie, Alexander and Mitchell. Both became friends and Mitchell became Nixons election campaign manager. After Nixons success 1968 was appointed Mitchell 1969 the Minister of Justice and provided this office up to its resignation 1972. In this characteristic it arranged and. A. in questions of national security hearing certain persons/mechanisms without court order on. At the same time he was also a boss of the committee for the re-election of the president - CREEP - and arranged the break-down into the Watergate - hotel by „the plumbers “.

For its role in the Watergate scandal it became to 21.02.1975 because of conspiracy, handicap of the law as well as perjury to a term of imprisonment of several years condemns. It died 1988 before its house in New York.

Famous and notoriously particularly were the embarrassing, public wrong statements of his Mrs. Martha. Afterwards also a certain psychological illusion conception illness was then designated ( the Martha Mitchell effect).

In the film Nixon (with Sir Anthony Hopkins as Nixon) of 1995 became Mitchell by E. G. Marshal represented.


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