John Nance Garner

John Nance „Cactus Jack “Garner (* 22. November 1868 with Detroit, Texas; † 7. November 1967 in Uvalde, Texas) was the 32. Vice-president of the USA under Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In Clarksville it studied jurisprudence and practiced since 1890 in Uvalde as lawyer and a publisher of the Uvalde Leader. Soon he was selected to county judge Uvaldes. Of 1899 - 1903 it was member in the texanischen house of representatives, then until 1933 in the house of representatives of the United States, since 1931 as its chairmen (Speaker).

it made nominating of Roosevelt possible for 1932 as a presidency candidate, by doing without its delegation voices and became on it together with Roosevelt as its vice-president selected.

With that new Deal - politics of the president he could never make friends correctly and 1940 came oneself it to the break between the two, since Garner rejected it that Roosevelt wanted to stand as a candidate for a third term of office. Its Gegenkandidatur was not successful however.

Garners utterance, the post of the vice-president is not any longer worth than “A warmly bends OF spit”, is legendary. (Newer investigations put however closely the fact that the utterance in the original “A bend OF piss” read.)

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