John Nevil Maskelyne

John Nevil Maskelyne (* 22. December 1839 Cheltenham; † 18. May 1917 in London) was a British Bühnenzauberer and inventor. He was a descendant of the yard astronomer Nevil Maskelyne (1732 - 1811); its son Nevil Maskelyne (1863 - 1924) and its grandchild Jasper Maskelyne (1902 - 1973) were later likewise than Bühnenzauberer and Magier active. Apart from his stage activity John Nevil Maskelyne was active also as inventors. Its most well-known invention is British the first typewriter produced in England, those in the year 1889 of the Maskelyne Typewriter & Manufacturing of cost. Ltd. OF London was manufactured. Their characteristic was that the letters were similarly as in the printing and different than with most typewriters, differently broad. Beyond that J.N held. Maskelyne of about 40 further patents, among other things within the range of telegraphy, course signals or münzgesteuerten toilet locks.

lives and work

J.N. Maskelyne completed first training as a Uhrmacher. In the year 1865 that became 26-jährige Maskelyne as well as George Alfred Cooke at that time admits, when her the Dave haven Brothers, which presented itself as „mirror-image-ritual media “, when cheats exposed. 1873 created the two as Maskelyne & Cooke their own theatre in the Egyptian resounds in London. High points of their performances were the floating virgin and release from a crate; the two Bühnenzauberer always understood themselves thereby as Royal Illusionists and anti- Spiritualists and made partly their cheat publicly, in order to get straight the fact that they used not pseudoreligious or mirror-image-ritual excluding illusion effects and intentions pursued. The duo set at this time new yardsticks in the illusion art and affected many later Bühnenzauberer, among them for George Méliès and David Devant.

When Cooke died 1904, David Devant ( 1868 - 1941) took over its role. This appeared also together with John Maskelynes grandchild Jasper Maskelyne as „to coincidental boy from the public “and wrote with John's son Nevil the book Our magic. The duo Maskelyne & Devant was very successful, until Devant withdrew itself in the year 1914; afterwards John as well as its son Nevil continued working. In the year 1917 John Nevil Maskelyne in London died.



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