John Scott Haldane

John Scott Haldane (* 3. May 1860 in Edinburgh; † 15. March 1936 in Oxford) was an English physiologist.

Admits became John Scott Haldane particularly for his research in the area of the respiration. It developed several methods for the investigation of the Respiration, the blood gas analysis, as well as the gas consumption of the body. Furthermore it investigated the decompression illness on behalf of the Royal Navy and sketched to 1907 a decompression table, which was into the 1950er years used. Furthermore it energized to provide for better taring of the divers, its helmet dipping devices with a lead belt. During the First World War it was concerned with possibilities of protecting the British soldiers forwards of the Germans used poisonous gas.

The Haldane effect was postulated by it, which describes the dependence of the CO2-Transportvermögens in the blood on the CO2 partial pressure.

John Scott Haldanes son John Burdon Sanderson Haldane was a Genetiker. John Scott Haldanes brother smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Burdon Haldane was lord Chancellor in the English House OF lord.


  • 1931 - The Philosophical basis OF Biology, London
  • 1935 - Respiration, Oxford (together with J. S. Priestley)

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