John Sirica

John Joseph Sirica (* 19. March 1904; † 14. August 1992) was a highest judge of the federal district court of the District OF Columbia. It was called maximum John, because it usually announced the highest measure of punishment.

Sirica was born in Waterbury, Connecticut. It visited the legal faculty of the Georgetown university. As a republican it became 1957 of US president Dwight D. Eisenhower to the court appoint.

It became famous, because it the court hearing over the Watergate - burglar led. He did not believe from the outset in the fact that the burglars acted alone. By the menace of a high term of imprisonment the codefendant James McCord finally handed a letter to the judge over.

The judge read out this letter loud before the present public. In the fact McCord confirmed

  1. that the burglars had so far been silent due to political pressure
  2. that McCord a perjury had therefore sworn
  3. that still different one, political persons in the break-down were complicated.

Thereupon a tumult broke out in the court room. This letter was the first tear in the cover-up action of the white house. Thus this court hearing was not the end, but at the beginning of the scandal.

For Siricas role in Watergate scandal he was selected from Time - the magazine to „the man of the yearly 1973. It published 1979 its experiences to the Watergate scandal in the book ton set the records Straight.


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