John Sturges

John Elliott Sturges (* 3. January 1911 in Oak park, Illinois; † 18. August 1992 in San Luis Obispo, California) was an US-American director and producer.


John Sturges begins its film career in the year 1932 as Cutter with RKO. In 2. It is responsible to world war as a member signal of the Corps for the production of Dokumentar - and instructional films.

To the war it changes to Columbia Pictures and takes over starting from 1946 the direction with some B-Movies. Only with a renewed change of the employer - this time to MGM - he is used in larger projects than director. In the 50's it justifies its call there as one the best Western - directors. In this time it turns classical authors of the category such as betrayal in away the Bravo (1954) (that it OSCAR - nominating as a best director brings in), city in fear (1955) and two count off (1957).

Its largest commercial successes celebrates he however in the 60's with films like the Kurosawa - Remake glorious filters and blowing up the chains. Both films were created for the production company Mirisch corporation and their film rental business United Artists.

After some less successful films he withdraws himself however in the 70's from the film business.

Its films are characterised particularly by the concentration on heroische moments and feelings. Sturges done here without failed camera perspectives and places rather the achievement of the actors into the foreground.


  • 1949 - driving sand (The Walking Hills)
  • 1954 - seconds of the fear (Jeopardy)
  • 1954 - betrayal in away the Bravo (escape from away Bravo)
  • 1955 - city in fear (bath Day RK Black skirt)
  • 1957 - two count off (Gunfight RK the o.k. Corral)
  • 1958 - the old person man and the sea (The old one and the Sea)
  • 1959 - if the blood cooks (Never so Few)
  • blowing up chains (The Great escape) for 1960 -
  • glorious filters (The Magnificent Seven) the 1963 -
  • 1964 - secret agent bar-saved seizes (The Satan nose)
  • a 1965 - forty cars westward (The Hallelujah Trail)
  • 1968 - ice station Zebra (Ice station Zebra)
  • 1969 - Verschollen in space (Marooned)
  • 1976 - the eagle landed (The Eagle Has Landed)

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