John Tyler

John Tyler

John Tyler (* 29. March 1790 in Charles town center County, Virginia; † 18. January 1862 in smelling moon (Virginia)) was 10. President of the United States of America (the USA) of 6. April 1841 to 4. March 1845.

It came outa rich Pflanzerfamilie and was attorney. Originally he was vice-president of William Henry Harrison, came however to its sudden death to the presidency. He was the first vice-president, who came by the death of its president to this office. It was during its whole term of officedisputed whether it is Acting President or president in full sense. It represented the interpretation with deciveness to be actually president and left all letters, which were addressed unopened to the Acting President. It helped crucially to implement this interpretation.

As Southern States - Aristokrat was the former Governor and senator of the State of Virginia only set up, in order to win southern voters for Harrison (the Slogan was: Tippecanoe and Tyler, too). Its political opinions were however the Whig - a party opposite, which represented the interests of the northeast states with its rising industry and commercial world- in such a way it inserted its veto against the establishment of a central bank, which was a basic request of the Whigs and its most prominent senator Henry Clay. In the autumn 1841 it was excluded from the Whig party. The reaction was that it together-went ever to more with the democrats and 1844 even John C. Calhoun to the Secretary OF State appointed, which was a prominent democrat from the Southern States.

Thus the two-party system up to the war of secession was indissolubly linked with the north south conflict: now the Whigs was irrevocable the north state and the democrats the Southern State party.

1842 could beUndersecretary of state Daniel Webster a Grenzvertrag with Great Britain obtain, with which the border was specified between Maine and Canada.

In the apron of the civil war it began for the secession, also into the congress of the Konföderation selected itself, died however at an impact accumulation, before itthis office to begin could.

Since it created the precedent that the vice-president advances in the office for president, it has a certain meaning for the condition history of the USA. Otherwise he could not collect too many political Lorbeeren; Theodore Roosevelt called it A politician OF monumentally littleness.

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person data
Tyler, John
of US-American politicians, 10. President of the USA (1841 - 1845)
29. March 1790
Charles town center County, Virginia, the USA
18. January 1862
smelling moon, Virginia, the USA

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