John never Cochran

John never L. Cochran Jr. (* 2. October 1937 in Shreveport, Louis IANA, † 29. March 2005 in Los Angeles) was an US-American attorney, that among other things O. J. Simpson defended. It was born in Shreveport, buildup however in Los Angeles, California .

Its permission as a lawyer it received 1963. Into the 1970er - years made itself it a name as a citizen attorney. Later it defended prominent ones like Michael Jackson (1993) and P. Diddy (1999).

From Cochran the utterance comes: “If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit” (free German translation: “Case the glove does not fit, must acquit one (it)”). Cochran means corresponding with the fact that one must acquit an accused, if this the “glove of the crime” does not fit. , The blutbeschmierte glove found at the scene was one of the most important pieces of circumstantial evidence, those the accused O.J. Simpson heavily loaded at that time, and it did not fit it actually. To this defense a consequence of the TV serial South Park alludes . However it is called Chewbacca defense here.

Cochran publishes a book concerning the Simpson process with the title Journey ton justice (1996, ISBN 0345405838) as well as the autobiography A lawyer's would run (2002, ISBN 0312278268).

It died at an inoperable brain tumor.


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