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Johnny bond (* 1. June 1915 as Cyrus Whitfield bond in Enville, Oklahoma; † 12. June 1978) was an US-American Country singer and Songwriter also than “Singing the cowboy” in numerous Western films and of the fifties forties to see was

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after end of its school time went to Johnny bond to Oklahoma town center, where it met on Jimmy Wakely and Scotty Harrell and created with them the volume Bell Boys. With a local radio station they made first money. 1939 arose the three musicians in a Roy Rogers film. Subsequently, one pulled to California, in hope for a career in the film business.

In Los Angeles they were engaged by genes Autry for its Melody Ranch radio show. They worked as Begleitmusiker of the large star, until the show was set off 1956.


parallel to its appearances in the Melody Ranch show Jonny bond and Jimmy Wakely tried as soloists. Bond began to bring 1941 in for the Columbia label records. He again and again took over smaller Filmrollen, usually at side of Autry or the Wakeley ascended to the leading actor. The sales figures of its plates were not particularly convincing, since its voice was not sufficient expression strong. But some Top-10-Hits, like for example Oklahoma Waltz , arrive to it Love Song in 32 bars or Divorce ME C.O.D.. As Songwriter it was more successful. Well-known titles such as Tomorrow Never Comes or Cimarron originate from its feather/spring.

1951 ran out its record contract with Columbia. It changed several times the label, could not however first any longer in the Charts platzieren itself. Only 1964, after more than ten-year interruption, succeeded to it with Ten Little Bottles an unexpected comeback. The Song, which it had brought in before already unsuccessfully for the Columbia label, advanced up to place two the Country Charts. Its next Singles were concerned likewise with the topic drinking and alcohol and coined/shaped lastingly its image.

Also in the seventies it produced records. In addition it began to write books. He wrote biographies over genes Autry (never published) and Tex knight and worked on a work over Western music. From 1969 to 1970 he was as successors of Tex knight president of the Academy OF Country music.

The multi-talent Johnny bond died to 12. June 1978. Taken up in the year 1999 it posthum to the Country music resound to OF Fame.


  • 1961 - That game, Wicked But Wonderful west
  • 1964 - Hot Rod Lincoln Three Sheets in The wind
  • 1965 - Ten Little Bottles
  • 1965 - Famous Hot Rodders I Have Known
  • 1966 - The one Who Comes Around
  • 1966 - Bottles UP
  • 1967 - Ten Nights in A Barroom
  • 1967 - Little of oils Wine Drinker ME
  • 1968 - drink UP and Go Home
  • 1969 - Great Songs OF The Delmore Brothers
  • 1970 - Something old, new one, Patriotic and Blue
  • 1971 - Here Come The Elephants
  • 1971 - Three Sheets in The wind
  • 1974 - How I Love Them old Songs
  • 1975 - Rides Again

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