Johnny copilot country

Johnny copilot country (* 27. March 1937 in Haynesville, Louis IANA; † 3. July 1997 in New York) was an US-American Bluesmusiker.

After its birth its nut/mother separated already briefly from his father and pulled with the remainder of the familyinto the proximity of the place Magnolia in Arkansas. With 13 years they continued to pull after Houston, Texas. There he saw for the first time T-Bone Walker, Roy Brown and Joe Hughes owing to his brothers and sisters. Together with Joe Hughes, Charles Godfrey, Pat Paterson and Steve Washington it created the volume Duke OF Rhythm then with 14 years. With this occupation they arose then the next three years together. In the year 1954 it left then the volume and did only with the pianist Earl Solomon andlater then with the guitarist Clarence Samuel together. During a route copilot country had then 1956 its Studiodebüt. He was to be heard on the single Chicken hearted woman as a guitarist. Starting from 1957 copilot country was at the disk company Duke under contract and signed there some Söngs,other one also Farther UP the road. it changed 1958 then to the disk label Mercury. There it took up its first own single with skirt and roll Lilly. 1963 landed it in the Southern States with down on bending a knees hit.

it pulled 1979 tight New York. There it met on the pianist Ken Vangel and the producer Dan Doyle. Together with the two it took up in next two years the Songs, which were published 1981 on the album copilot country special with the Rounder label. This album ensured inthe Bluesszene for powerful eddy, seemed it nevertheless, as if an ingenious musician had emerged apparently from that nothing. In the following years copilot country had to do much. The albums Make appeared my home where I slope my have 1982, Texas more twister 1984 and Bring´ it all bake home 1985. Besides it was constantly on tour, among other things on Montreux jazz festival, where it was distinguished with the Grand Prix. According to the album boom boom in the year 1989 it separates from the disk label Rounder and gönnte themselvesitself a break of two years.

1991 it published the album Flyin´high, followed from Catch UP with the blues 1993. At this time however already health problems arose. Thus it already complains 1992 on the King Biscuit Blues festival in Helena, Arkansas over difficulty in breathing. 1995 he came with heart failure into the hospital, was however saved. Starting from this time it waited for a donor organ, in order to be able to continue again with the work. Johnny copilot country deceased then at the 3. July 1997 in the Columbia Presbyterian hospital in New York due toa heart error.


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