Johnny Shines

Johnny Shines (* 26. April 1915 in Frazier, threshing floor lake; † 20. April 1992 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama), actually John Ned Shines, was an US-American Blues - guitarist.

Its youth spent Johnny Shines to a large extent in Memphis, where it made money already very early as a road musician with its Slide guitar. Its first musical models were blindly Lemon Jefferson and Howlin' wolf, guitar plays it however from its nut/mother had learned.

1932 went to Shines to Hughes into Arkansas, in order to hire itself as farm workers. Here it met Robert Johnson, its largest model, which brought Shines to the music back. Starting from 1935 the two arose together. On their journeys they came to up to Ontario. they went to 1937, one year before Johnsons death, again different ways.

Shines played first in the south of the states. 1941 fallow it to Canada up, remained hanging however in Chicago. it took its first photographs, which were not published however to 1946. After further failures Shines at the beginning of the 1950er completely gave the music up.

1966 were again discovered Johnny Shines. It went with Chicago universe of star on route, together with Lee Jackson, bends walter Horton and Willie Dixon. It arose also with Robert junior Lockwood , to the stepson of Robert Johnson - the two the last original representatives of the delta Blues.

1980 suffered Shines an impact accumulation. It died 1992 in Alabama. 1992 Johnny Shines taken up to the Blues resound to OF Fame.


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