Johnny winter

Johnny winters (* 23. February 1944 as John Dawson winter III in Beaumont, Texas) is an influential American Blues - guitarist. Its models are among other things Muddy Waters, B. B. King and Bobby Bland.


Johnny winters became,like his brother Edgar, as Albino born. Already in recent years it arose together with him. When it was fifteen years old, the two took up the plate School Day Blues with their volumes Johnny and the of misery with a disk label to Houston .

1968 began to play Johnny winters in a Trio with bassist Tommy Shannon and Schlagzeuger Uncle John Turner. By an article in the Rolling Stone received it a certain attention and received a contract with the small label Liberty. By an appearance in the Fillmore East beginning1968 rose the admitting heating degree of the musician so that soon RCA and Columbia argued about him. After Columbia had decided a running for itself and had paid at that time an advance of 300,000 dollar, very high for cases, open-light winters in May 1969 the album Johnny winters.

Although the appearance was filmed in August 1969 with the Woodstock festival, it did not appear in the film, since its manager with the film crew zerstritten themselves had. The crew was following the opinion that the appearance had been “too strange”.

In the year 1970it took up the Song skirt and roll Hoochie Koo with volume, to which also Rick Derringer and Randy Jo Hobbs of The McCoys belonged. After it had to 1973 substantial drug problems, it turned Alive and waves also quietly back.

Into another rangetook part he 1977, when he produced hard Again of Muddy Waters. The partnership of the two brought some albums to light, which won Grammys. In the same year it took also emergency-hung but the Blues as well as members of Waters' volume up.

1988 followed the admission inthe Blues resound to OF Fame.


  • The progressive Blues experiment (1969)
  • Johnny winters (1969)
  • Second winters (1969)
  • The Johnny winter story (1969)
  • Johnny winter and (1970)
  • About Blues (1970)
  • Early Time (1970)
  • Before The Storm (1971)
  • Johnny winters and/live one (1971)
  • quietAlive and wave (1973)
  • Saints and Sinners (1974)
  • Austin, TX (1974)
  • John Dawson winter III (1974)
  • Captured live one! (1976)
  • Together (1976), with Edgar winter
  • Nothin' But The Blues (1977)
  • White Hot and Blue (1978)
  • Raisin' Cain (1980)
  • ready For winters (1981)
  • Guitar Slinger (1984)
  • SeriousBusiness (1985)
  • Third Degree (1986)
  • The winter OF '88 (1988)
  • Can´t Loose The Blues (1991)
  • Let ME in (1991)
  • Jack Daniels child OF Day (1992)
  • Hey, Where's Your bread ago? (1992)
  • Live in NYC '97 (1998)
  • bake in Beaumont (2000)
  • Johnny winter Deluxe (2001)
  • The BestOF Johnny winters (2002)
  • I´M A Blues one (2004)

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