Jonathan Kaplan

Jonathan Kaplan (* 25. November 1947 in Paris) is an US-American director.

Kaplans father was a composer Sol Kaplan, which was active for the film industry; its nut/mother Francis Heflin was an actress. When child played Kaplan in Broadway - play “The Dark RK the Top OF the Stairs”, with which Elia Kazan direction led. It studied Chicago at the University OF and at the film faculty the New York University.

Kaplan led direction with the film accused from the year 1988 (with Jodie Foster), for which he was nominated for the price of golden bar. Other films under its direction were among other things Bath Girls from the year 1994 (with larva line Stowe, Mary Stuart Masterson, Andie MacDowell and Drew Barrymore) and Brokedown Palace from the year 1999 (with Claire Danes, Kate Beckinsale and Bill Pullman). It led also direction with several since 1994 turned consequences the TV serial Emergency Room, for which it was nominated 2001 for the price Emmy Award.

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