Joop van Oosterom

Joop van Oosterom (* 12. December 1937 in Hilversum) is a Netherlands entrepreneur and chess player. It is the 18. Remote chess world champion.

1955 he became youth master of the Netherlands and occupied with the youth world championship the 7. Place. It hit however no career as a professional chess player, but based after conclusion of its study 1966 the IT - company Volmac. it sold its portions of it to 1988. Its fortune becomes estimated on something over 1 billion euro, thus ranks it among the ten richest Dutchmen.

It worked as Mäzen and aligns since 1992 in its Wahlheimat Monaco after its daughter Melody Amber designated, highly endowed chess tournaments, in which world class players in high-speed chess and blind chess begin. In addition it aligned matches of the best chess player inside against seniors, for whom it engaged also Exweltmeister such as Wassili Smyslow and Boris Spasski.

He is a successful remote chess player. 1980 it already won the Netherlands championship. After it with the 2002 locked 15. World championship the 2. Place reached, succeeded it to it 2005 with the 18. To win world championship the title. It is well-known that it pulls gotten used to large masters to a large extent of chess programs and also with it to rate. However this is not forbidden according to the remote chess rules, and also such possibilities are open to its opponents.


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