aluminium-Mamlaka aluminium-Urduniyya aluminium-Hāschimiyya
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordanian one
Flagge Jordaniens
Wappen Jordaniens
(detail) (detail)
office language Arab
capital Amman
system of government constitutional monarchy
king Abdullah II.
Prime minister Adnan Badran
surface 92,300 km ²
number of inhabitants 5.600.000 (2004)
population density of 58 inhabitants per km ²
Gros domestic product/inhabitant 1,800 US-$ (2004)
independence to 25. May 1946
currency Jordanian dinar (IODINE)
time belt UTC +2
national anthem As-salam aluminium-malaki aluminium-urduni
Kfz characteristic JOR
Internet TLD .jo
preselection + 962
Lagekarte von Jordanien
Karte von Jordanien

Jordanian ones (arab.: الأُرْدُن aluminium-Urdun) is a state in front Asia.It borders on Israel, the Palestinian autonomy areas, Syria, the Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea (gulf of Akaba, there sea-border to Egypt). Jordanian one is counted to the Maschrek - states.

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the Jordan ditch broad in north south direction dragging on 6 to 20 km divides thatCountry in west Jordan and east Jordan. On the westJordanian region Jordanian one 1988 gave all state-legal requirements up.

Over the Jordan ditch steeply the mountain countries of east Jordan ascend, which reach 1,000 to 1,700 m height. They go to northeast and east into thoseSyrian-Arab steppes and deserts over, which take for instance a third of the national surface. The northwest of the country has Mediterranean climate with shrub forest as natural vegetation, the south and the east predominantly continental-dry wild and steppe climate.


the largest cities are (Conditions 1. January 2005):Amman of 1.217.924 inhabitants, Zarqa of 890,000 inhabitants, Irbid of 750,962 inhabitants, acre-Rusayfah of 261,843 inhabitants, Wadi as-Sir of 193,613 inhabitants, Aqaba of 101,769 inhabitants, Madaba of 82,457 inhabitants and aluminium-Baq'ah of 80,231 inhabitants.

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those Jordanian ones are Arabs, apart from a small tscherkessischen, Kurdish and Armenian minority of about in each case a per cent of the population. 86% profess themselves to the Sunni Islam. The Christians represent about 11% to the population, thosedivide into the following denominations:aramäische Christians (4.1% of the population), Assyrer (2.9%), orthodox Greeks (2%) and the Armenians (2%). 1.8% educate still alewitische Kurds and 0.2% are Shiites. The remaining 1% distribute themselves on Mandäer, Zoroastrier, Baha'i and Yeziden.

About half of the population comes originally from Palestine and from there to the establishment of state of Israel was driven out or to Jordanian ones was fled. A majority of these humans lives since 1947 in refugee camps in poverty (so for instance 300000Humans in the camp aluminium-Baqa'a with Amman, without Jordanian one would have lent this humans the citizen rights (

Bevökerungsentwicklung seit 1961

Road scene in Amman


antique one Around Christi birth experiences in the area of the today's Jordanian one the commercial state of the Nabatäer with the capitalPetra (today most important antique place of the country) its bloom time; the Hellenic-Roman cities in the north of the country are member in the Decapolis federation; since 106 n.Chr. as “Provincia Arabia” part Roman, then the Byzantine realm

636 n.Chr. Islamic conquest

1516 Osmani conquest, partthe osmanischen realm

1920 After the First World War and the decay of the Osmani realm will Jordanian ones in accordance with the Sykes Picot secret treaty British mandated territory

1923 that Jordan convenient area continues to become eastern, under British mandate, to the “emirate Transjordanien” under the Hashemite EmirAbdallah

25.05.1946 Independence and proclamation Emir Abdallahs to king Abdallah I.

1948 After establishment of the State of Israel and the following Arab-Israeli war the West Jordan territory and East Jerusalem are integrated in the Jordanian kingdom; first large Palestinian refugee wave from Israel

1950 Renaming in“Hashemite Kingdom of Jordanian one”

20.07.1951 King Abdallah I. on the temple mountain in Jerusalem is murdered, successor becomes its son Talal am Abdallah

11.08.1952 After the resignation from Talal for health reasons its son as a king Hussein are Talal proclaims

1967Due to the Israeli-Arab war in June: West Jordan territory and East Jerusalem occupied by Israel, Jordanian one again take many Palestinian refugees on

1970 “Black September”, king Hussein becomes generally accepted against the Putschversuch of radical groups of Palestinians, many Palestinians leaves the country

31.07.1988 Solution that“administrative and legal connections” of Jordan to the West Jordan territory, the government authority is limited to the former Transjordanien, the Jordanian king remains however guardian of the Muslim places in East Jerusalem

26.10.1994 Peace treaty of Wadi Araba with Israel

07.02.1999 King Hussein deceases and itsSon steps as Abdullah II. are Hussein the follow-up at

24.09.2001 Free trade agreement with the USA comes into force

01.05.2002 Association agreement with European Union comes into force

foreign policy

Jordanian one is considered itself as one the most important allied one of the USA, to thoseJordanian one around good connections endeavors, not only in the Arab world. This is probably the principal reason, why itself three suicide assassins of the terrorist organization aluminium-Kaida in the evening 9.11.2005 in the capital Amman, in predominantly hotels, into those, visited by western touristsAir blew up. Between 57 and 67 humans died thereby.

administrative arrangement

Jordanian one is divided into twelve Gouvernorate. These are:

Ajlun, aluminium-Fuhais, aluminium-Balqa, aluminium-Karak, aluminium-Mafraq, Amman, Aqabah, RK-Tafilah, Irbid, Jarash, Ma'an, Madaba and Zarqa.


rock grave in Petra
  • agriculture: The agriculture makes approx. 6 7% of the gross national product of Jordan out. The dry climate and the water scarceness in the region limit the possibilities of a meaningful agriculture. It is artificially watered.
  • Industry:Approx. 26% of the EX.Mainly mining industry: Jordanian one is an important phosphate producer. In addition potash is exported. There are no considerable oil fields. A part (17%) of the power supply can be covered however by natural gas.
  • Trade: The commercial sector was heavy from the UN-sanctions over the Iraqmet, since the Iraq before the Gulf War constituted two fifth of the entire commercial overview of Jordan. In the year 1997 Jordanian ones and the European union (European Union) signed a partnership agreement, which made the way possible for a foreign trade zone up to the year 2010. The present agreement, thatAt the beginning of of 1999 into force stepped, is to accelerate also the switchings for the entry of Jordan to the world trade organization (World Trade Organization). In the year 1996 Jordanian ones and Egypt closed a partnership agreement, which regulated and intended the bilateral economic cooperation contracts, the trade to liberalisieren, by thema free trade zone established. Numerous business minutes and agreements came with Lebanon, Syria, the Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrein, Tunesien, Egypt, Morocco, Libya and the Sudan.
  • Minerals: Of Jordan sources of raw material are scarce. Up to now no minerals are except phosphates and Potash discovers and on a commercial level used. Jordanian ones ranked however under upper three the export your in the world, the phosphate implement. There is two large fertilizer factories in the country, an Jordanian-Indian as well as a Jordanian Japanese. 1997 made alone 49.6%the Jordanian exports the mine industries out. The exports of the industrialmanufactured goods represented 47.5% of the total exports 1997.
  • Tourism:Approx. 10% of the BSP and secondarymost important Devisenquelle. Although in Jordanian ones even for over 30 years prevails to peace, the tourist stream reactvery sensitively to the political developments of the Near East. Thus from the Jordanian government after the peace treaty with Israel expected “peace dividend” was missing from the tourism so far to a large extent. The country has partially singular, although only little admitted routisticTo offer attractions:
  • regenerativ energies:Due to the strong sun exposure the structure is offeredand the enterprise from thermal solar power stations to the covering increasing energy and drinking water need on. Prince Hassan is Talal, the youngest son of the king, is a large advocate of the production of solar energy in the desert and already organized several international congressesto this topic. Together with TREC ( the T rans Mediterranean R enewable E nergy C ooperation) prince Hassan plans the large-scale transfer from solar energy to Europe.
  • Between

1992 and 2000 the portion of the public expenditures for the health service


the national holiday is the 25. May.

Admits is also the Jerash festival in each summer, with which musicians from many Arab nations meet.

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Olaf Köndgen: Jordanian one. Munich(1999), ISBN 3-406-39865-0

coordinates: 31° 1 ' N, 36° 37 ' O


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