José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero [xoˈse lu̯is roˈðriɣeθ θ apaˈteɾo] (* 4. August 1960 in Valladolid, Spain) is Spanish lawyer and politician. Zapatero belongs to the socialist labour party of Spain (PSOE) and became to 16. April 2004 from the Spanish parliament to the Prime Minister selected. Zapatero is married with Sonsoles Espinosa and father of two daughters.

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Rodríguez Zapatero originates from a familywith a long left-wing oriented political tradition. Its grandfather, who fought in the Spanish civil war on sides of the republicans, was killed from the nationalists to beginning of the war 1936.

political commitment

at a political election campaign participated Zapatero for the first time in Gijón in the year 1977,as itself Spain on the first democratic elections since the death of the dictator Francisco Franco prepared. Speaker on this election campaign meeting was a chairman of the PSOE Felipe González, which was in the time of 1982 to 1996 an Prime Minister of Spain. Zapatero stepped short time laterinto the PSOE, according to own statement, because it was strongly by Felipe González choice appearance impressed.

In the year 1982 Rodríguez Zapatero of the youth organization of the PSOE in its homeland province León managed . 1986 it became the youngest delegate in the Spanish parliament. 1988 he became a chairman thatPSOE in the province León. In the year 1997 it ascended into the executive committee of the Spanish socialists and during a combat tuning in the year 2000 surprisingly to the chairman of the party of the PSOE was finally selected.


from briefly after the Madrider the course notices of 11. March 2004 stattfindenen Spanish parliamentary elections of 14. March 2004 the socialists stated of him as a leading candidate came out surprisingly as winners. With 164 of altogether 350 deputy seats the socialists missed thereby only scarcely the absolute majority. In its constituent meeting to 16. April 2004the Spanish parliament Zapatero with 183 from 350 voices selected to the new Prime Minister. It received thereby both the voices of its party and voices of some nationalistic regional parties. One day after its choice in the parliament the new Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was sworn in.In the ceremony in the palace Zarzuela with Madrid participated king Juan Carlo I, queen Sofia, the replaced head of the government José María Aznar of the conservative people's party (Partido popular) and Spain of highest judges.


in the apron of the choice 2004 was Zapatero politically on the side of the opponents of the Iraq war. Immediately after the parliamentary election 2004 it had linked a remaining of the Spanish troops in the Iraq with the assumption of an important role by the UN. For this it estimated the probability however as small. Right afterthe choice to the Prime Minister to 16. April 2004 consisted therefore one of its first official acts of it, the imminent troop departure of the Iraq admits to give.

Because of the attitude to the Iraq war the relations with the USA, during Zapatero cooled down appreciably contrary to its predecessor Aznar for a strongly Europeanoriented policy occurred. Also to Morocco Zapatero developed again a better relationship.

Relating to domestic affairs Zapatero stands for a social reform politics. It supports the equal rights and a moderate loosening of the Spanish central state. Politicoly-economic it leads the order-political course thatPredecessor government away in principle, sets however social accents.

The officially announced admission of peace negotiations with the baskischen terrorist organization ETA as well as the legalization of the Homo marriage and the strong influence of the Catalan-nationalistic party ERC, which supported Zapateros minority government in the past frequently, have to a polarizationthe Spanish home policy led.

At the beginning of of 2005 it legalisierte about 800,000 immigrants without residence permit.

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