José Luis Rubiera

José Luis Rubiera or also “Chechu” Rubiera (* 27. January 1973 in Gijón) is a Spanish wheel running driver.

Rubiera became 1994 professional with Kelme. It created its break-through, when it became 1997 tenth with the giro d'Italia. Its Potenzial proved it further during the large round travels as it 1998 13. with the giro d'Italia and 1999 sixth with the Vuelta A España became. 2000 even won Chechu a stage with the giro d'Italia and became total figure eight. it changed 2001 then to US pos valley as an aid for Lance Armstrong and Roberto Heras. Although it drove as an aid (water carriers “) during the large round travels, it created a sieved place with the Vuelta A España 2001 and two 19. Places with four route de France - participation.



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