José María Aznar

José María Aznar López (* 25. February 1953 in Madrid) is a Spanish politician and was from 1996 to 2004 Prime Minister (Presidente del Gobierno) Spain.

José María Aznar to 29. October 2003

before its political career did Aznar over againits law studies as an inspector of taxes. Aznar was between 1982 and 1987 Secretary-General of the Alianza popular (AP), a right-conservative party in Spain, and from 1987 to 1989 head of the government von Kastilien León. Successor of the AP became the Partido popular (PP), whose chairman Aznar became 1990. ETA committed to 19. April 1995 an explosive assassination attempt on it. Few hundred meters from his dwelling far away exploded on the way to the party headquarterses of the PP at a road crossing a 25-Kilo autobomb and destroyed his heavily armored car. All passengers survived, Aznar were only easily hurt. The authors could unidentified flee. Scarcely one year later, at the 3. March 1996, became the PP Wahlsiegerin with the Spanish parliamentary elections and Aznar became to 5. May 1996 as an Prime Minister swears in. However it formed a minority government under tolerance of CiU, PNV and CC. Against thatAznar promoted Spanish tradition first the autonomy efforts of the Spanish regions. Its political agenda was based relating to domestic affairs on the reorganization of the finances of the state, the acquisition of a strong economic growth and the fight against the budget errorism. With the elections to 12. March 2000 succeeded it to Aznar the absolute majorityto achieve.

Aznar were accused on the part of the parliamentary opposition a set of political “scandals” and/or precarious positions. These cover:

José María Aznar
José María Aznar
  • the pompöse wedding celebration of its daughter Ana Aznar Botella in the year 2002: Bride witnesses were among other things Tony Blair, Silvio Berlusconi and oneMultiplicity of Spanish Ministers.
  • Fall of the oiling anchor prestige before the coast Galiciens in the year 2002.
  • The support of the allied ones in the Iraq war in the year 2003 against Saddam Hussein. Its position oriented itself at of George Bush politics and led to thus also the union European for splittingover the Iraq question.
  • The information politics after the devastating notices of the 11. March 2004 on several courses in the capital Madrid: With view of the few days later, to 14. March 2004, taking place parliamentary elections had the government of Aznar the first suspicion on one side upthe baskische terrorist organization ETA guided, although there were referring to an radical-Islamic author background. The Spanish socialist labour party PSOE accuses to him, it the maintained complicity of ETA for choice purposes to use wanted, since it had to assume an Islamic act background in the population negativelyone would take up, above all, because Aznars politics of a consistent commitment at the side of the USA in the Iraq war had not been supported by large parts of the population.

Aznar had announced 2003 that he will not stand as a candidate for the next choice. It struck Mariano Rajoyas its successor forwards.

Aznar becomes starting from the coming academic year at the Georgetown university in Washington, D.C. teach. There it will hold the post one „Associate of professor “within the range contemporary European policy and transatlantic relations.

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