José María Lacalle

José María Lacalle (also Joseph M. Lacalle) (* August 1860 in Spain; † 11. June 1937) was a Spanish composer.

Its hit Amapola from the year 1924, which Deanna Durbin sang 1939 in the film roofridge Love (English text of Albert Gamse: Amapola, my pretty little poppy) and the Jimmy Dorsey 1941 with its orchestra took up (singing Bob Eberle and Helen O'Connell), became a giant hit. 1964 took it and others the Swedish Gitarrenpopgruppe Spotnicks up. Admits is the melody also from the film it was once in America (Once Upon A Time in America, 1984).

Amapola (Spanish text)

Amapola, lindísima amapola
Será siempre do alma
to Tuya sola
Yo of width unit quiero amada niña mía
Igual que ama la flor la luz del día

Amapola, lindísima amapola
NO seas tan ingrata
Amapola, amapola
Cómo of puedes do vivir
Tan sola?


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