José Miguel Carrera

José Miguel Carrera

José Miguel Carrera Verdugo (* 15. October 1785 in Santiago de Chile; † 4. September 1821, executed in Mendoza, Argentina) was Latin American national hero and Chilean politician.

It belonged to the Carrera family: Son of Ignacio de laCarrera and brother of José Miguel Carrera, Juan José Carrera, Luis Carrera and Javiera Carrera.

the early years

born in Santiago de Chile, he completed his study at the Colegio Carolino, the best school of the country. In thisTime makes friends itself it with its school fellow and neighbour Manuel Rodríguez .

After conclusion of the school it was sent from its parents to Spain. There it followed in the year 1808 of the Spanish army . It struck itself well against Napoleons' troops, became upper Csm andthe Húsares de Galicia led - troops.

independence fight

it led the independence fight of the South American states against Spain and was a first president of Chile (1812).

1814 lost the Chilean independence fighters José Miguel Carrera and Bernardo O'Higgins the battle of Rancagua and hadin the exile flee.

Carrera went to Buenos Aires and traveled from there to the USA. When it planned a fleet for the release of Chile, it was arrested in Buenos Aires. After its dismissal from the detention it traveled after Montevideo and created a newspaper approximatelythe Argentine government.José de San Martín let both brothers execute its in this time.

Carrera sent 1821 own troops direction Chile. In Mendoza its march was stopped and it was arrested. After one legal proceedings it became to 4. September 1821 executed.


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