José there Costa Nuñes

José cardinal there Costa Nuñes (* 15. March 1880 in Candelaria, Portugal; † 29. November 1976 in Rome) was archbishop of Goa and late Kurienkardinal of the Roman-catholic church.


José Costa Nuñes received its theological and philosophical training in the seminar for priests there from Angra. At the end of its study time it went as Missionar to Macao, where it to 4. June 1903 the Sakrament of the Priesterweihe received. From 1903 to 1906 he worked as Seelsorger and a lecturer. 1906 appointed it the local bishop as the Generalvikar of Macao and Timor. José Costa Nuñes created those there the magazine „Oriente “. 1920 appointed it Pope Benedikt XV. to the bishop , 1940 it Pope Pius XII transferred von Macao. the line of the ore diocese Goa. 1953 became José there Costa Nuñes president of the constant committee for international you air tables the congresses. 1953 appointed it the Pope the Titularerzbischof and Patriarchen of Odessus, in the December of the same yearly became it vice- Camerlengo of the holy Roman church. Pope Johannes XXIII. took it to 19. March 1962 as cardinal priests with the title church Santa Prisca into the Kardinalskollegium up. José cardinal Costa Nuñes participated there in the years 1962 to 1965 in the second Vatikani council . It died 29. November 1976 in Rome and was bestattet first on the there cemetery „Campo Verano “, before its Gebeine were transferred into the church Sant' Antonio the Portoghesi.


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