Joseba Beloki

Joseba Beloki Dorronsoro (* 12. August 1973 in Lazkao, Basque country, Spain) is a Spanish wheel running driver.

It began its professional - career 1998 in the baskischen running universe Euskadi. 2000 he got a contract with Festina and drove on the 3. Place with the route de France 2000. Since then it belonged second (2002) of the route de France to the best round drivers of the world and became again third (2001) and even once. In addition it became 2002 third the Vuelta A España and won 2001 the Katalonien Rundfahrt.

On the 9. Stage of the route de France 2003 slipped Beloki on a departure on too hot a tar patch become and broke the basin. Thereupon it fell into a large form low and changed several times without success the team. Did not recover Beloki from the fall to today. Since 2005 it drives now for the Spanish team Liberty Seguros.



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